Orange Psychiatric Medical Group

Dr. Kurre graduated from Rangaraya Medical School of Andhra University, India in 1983 and completed his psychiatric residency in 1992 from King Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Kurre practiced Family Medicine from 1983-1986 in Vijayawada, India.
Dr. Kurre has been practicing since 1992 in California in various settings such as, inpatient, outpatient, nursing homes, day care, hospital consultations, and 20 years of experience as a staff psychiatrist at a correctional facility. Dr. Kurre has treated patients from 5 years of age and above at Orange Psychiatric Medical Group since 1998.
Dr. Chundu is affiliated with Corona Regional Medical Center, Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center, and Riverside center for Behavioral Medicine.
Practicing locations : Corona, Murrieta, Riverside, Temecula
Rajababu Kurre, MD